Island Company at Olympics

The Cayman Islands Team Dressed in Island Company at the 2016 Summer Olympics

The Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off with beautiful presentations welcoming countries worldwide to the event. The event was reminiscent of the host city, Rio de Janeiro, welcoming over 78,000 people from all over the world to support the teams and athletes.

The Parade of Athletes included the Cayman Islands team, shining in Island Company outfits. The athletes of the Cayman Islands marched proudly: the women sporting the beautiful Albany Classic Shift Dress, and the men wearing Seal Pilot Shirts, and Camel Beachcomber Pants. Both of these outfits are made of 100% linen, a known staple of Island Company. “The goal for the team was to relate back to the original heritage and roots of the Cayman Islands,” says Spencer Antle. “The team selected Island Company as the best representation of this, while focusing on the laid-back style of the islands.”

Island Company, located at Camana Bay, Grand Cayman has a strong presence on the island. The brand carries the soul of the Caribbean islands with it. The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC) approached Island Company with an opportunity in helping manifest the uniform the Artist envisioned. Cayman Artist Wray Banker commented upon his uniform inspiration, calling it “1930’s style with a modern twist”. The outfits were praised worldwide for their relaxed, islander look. E! News tweeted, “The Cayman Islands athletes know how to do casual Friday right.” and the Australian Sydney Morning Herald pointed to Team Cayman as one of the best dressed for the opening ceremony, stating “With their unassuming straw hats and little cotton dresses they look like they’re on holiday.”

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