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island company's® first tv commercial

Shot in the coastal jungle of Tulum, Mexico

Island Company®, one of the leading resort clothing brands in the world, embarked on its newest foray: television commercials. Island Company’s® founder, Spencer Antle, a former award-winning commercial director who started Island Company® after his girlfriend couldn’t find a bikini they both liked, came full circle in crafting a commercial for his own business. Now acting as both art director, copywriter, director AND client, Antle and his team of pros from his directing days, including long-time cinematographer Pete Warrilow, headed to Tulum, Mexico with a crew of only four. The goal: to make a bare-bones commercial that embodied everything he saw in the brand.

“I wanted to return to the escapist film style of the 80’s, of the old exotic commercials that dominated fashion and beauty products back then. I hadn’t seen anything escapist in a while and given that Island Company’s® core philosophy is escapism, it was the right track for us. There’s nothing on TV now that resembles this whatsoever.” Edited by Steve Prestemon, colored by Bob Curreri and shot entirely with Canon’s 5D Mark II and 7D platforms, Island Company’s first commercial “Never Return” is slated for airwaves early summer. The track ‘Never Fade Away’ by DJ John O’Callaghan is available below.

Download the music from "Never Return" Never Fade Away - Never Fade Away (Bonus Track Version)

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