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“wandering” – An Exotic Commercial Event

Filmed on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico

‘Wandering’ is the second in a series of Island Company® commercials designed to bring fashion and faraway island exotic to the television market. While the two commercials together could all be thought of as a short film they are meant simply to inspire. ‘Wandering’ is the tale of a girl who finds herself adrift on an island, left to herself and her thoughts, unsure of her path, until it ultimately leads to her discovery of self, passion for life. She has escaped, traveled, and now, lived. Director Spencer Antle, Island Company’s® Creative Director, intended to create something sensual, yet ethereal, seeking to strike the heart of the escapist. “Coming from a film background, I view most of the stuff that we do as cinema,” comments Spencer, whose intent is to “make people feel like they’ve left themselves for a moment; an escape.”

I wanted ‘Wandering’ to bring back the feeling of those faraway films of the ‘80’s like ‘Wild Orchid’ or ‘Revenge’. Once an award-winning commercial director, Spencer chose Tulum, Mexico to portray his raw vision of the ‘Wandering’ tale: “It was a bad-ass location. I wanted to show our fans what I’ve wanted to do for so long – to bring the feeling of the brand alive.” Since airing nationally and being viewed by millions, the sister spot to ‘Wandering’ was a hit amongst Island Company® loyalists and travellers alike, winning a 2012 ADDY Award for Best of Broadcast, further validating the need for more escapist film in the marketplace.

Music: Blank & Jones “Beyond Time” Music:  Blank&Jones Beyond Time

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